Saturday, 5 March 2011

Atlas 2.0.6 Released!

Hi all,

We released yesterday Atlas 2.0.6: the website is now running new software and there is a new data release, too.

What's new:

  • 12 new RNA-Seq experiments have been loaded. Check out E-GEOD-24283 (Deep transcriptional sequencing analysis of human prostate adenocarcinoma and reference samples) for example.
  • Non-differentially expressed genes are back. Try selecting the up/down/non-d.e. option when searching anywhere in the Atlas. This shows genes whose expression did not change significantly in Atlas experiments. Here's an example looking for protein binding genes up/down or non-differentially expressed in prostate carcinoma
  • Incremental data upgrades - if you are running a local copy of the Atlas, you can now upgrade your data to the latest public EBI release through the administration pages. Get the latest Atlas application and set the "atlas.masteratlas" parameter to - and see the "Upstream" tab!
  • Minor: on gene pages the up/down squares on anatomograms are now clickable (see below), with the same functionality as everywhere else.
Anatomogram for INS (insulin). On the gene page the colored squares are clickable now.

Also there are lots of internal improvements - speed, technology, statistics, bug-fixes, but that really deserves a whole new post!

Your feedback is always welcome.

--Atlas Team

P.S. We'll post links to new software & data files on the release notes page (