Monday, 23 June 2008

Atlas Web Services Alpha


A new build is up - 4866. No major visible changes but several important reworkings under the hood:
  • Improved caching - hopefully you should notice faster responses
  • Better experimental factor ontology (structured vocabulary of experimental variables) expansion - now expands down through all available levels instead of just one as before, and is on by default. Example: search for tumor.
  • Auto-suggest drop-down works a bit more intuitively, esp. on conditions. You'll see what I mean, just start typing a query.
The big deal with this release is, however, the very limited, initial SOAP Web Services API to the Atlas. See for further detail on this. Among other things it's a step towards batch querying of data.

As always, your feedback is welcome! More interesting and wonderful things are in the works.

P.S. It would be easy for us to offer expansion by lots of other ontologies. Would that be useful to users, too?

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