Friday, 18 September 2009

Gene Expression Atlas DAS Source


The Gene Expression Atlas now provides a DAS track that can be viewed with any number of compatible DAS clients. The most famous of these is the Ensembl Genome Browser.

Here's a screenshot of what the Atlas DAS annotations look like in Ensembl Gene View:

For every gene, the Atlas provides a brief one sentence summary of the gene's differential expression in various tissues, diseases, cell types, cell lines and other conditions. Moreover, per-condition gene activity breakdown is provided for every biological site or condition where this gene was observed. Links are provided to the Atlas gene pages.

The Gene Expression Atlas DAS is registered in the DAS Registry, where further details about it are available. For step-by-step instructions for adding Atlas annotations to your view of Ensembl, check out our Atlas DAS Help page.

We hope you find this useful. Over time we'll add more functionality to the Atlas DAS Source.


--Misha Kapushesky and the Atlas Team
Gene Expression Atlas Project Coordinator


James Carman said...

I am having trouble with the installation. I can't login to the FTP site. Is the documentation out of date? Has the FTP site moved?

irfan said...

atlas is


Ignacio said...

This is fantastic!